Folk 21 Eastern Regional Showcase Saturday 21st July 2012


This Saturday, we’re off to The Milkmaid Folk Club at Bury St. Edmunds.  As an ’emerging duo’, we’re looking forward to showcasing our talents to club/festival and event organisers and people in East Anglia, an area where we haven’t yet performed.  The ‘Hicks and Goulbourn’ slot is 7.30 -8.00pm and there will be a tight schedule so if you’re coming to see us in particular, don’t be late!  (I gather there’s a bit of a walk to the nearest car park).  There are lots of other great acts in the evening performance, culminating with George Papavgeris to finish the evening so we’re looking forward to both performing then sitting back and being entertained.

Venue and details including postcode, as usual, on our ‘Gigs’ page.

Here’s a bit about Folk 21 and you can read more on their website:

About Folk21

Folk21 aims to help sustain and support a thriving “guest booking” folk club scene in the UK.

The group is open to anyone – organisers, would-be organisers, artists, agents and fans – to discuss the issues facing folk clubs, exchange ideas, tips and advice, and help build a thriving network for the future.

Folk 21 has the following aims:

  1. To help sustain and support a vibrant “guest booking” folk scene in the UK
  2. To Encourage collaboration between folk clubs and small venues on a regional basis
  3. To provide advice and support to folk organisers, venues and artists
  4. To maintain current audiences and develop new audiences to attend folk clubs and small folk venues