Summer 2014 update


Southwell photobomb

We had a great summer, out and about at various clubs, festivals and lots of fun was had in spontaneous jam sessions, meeting lots of new people and seeing new places.  Here are a few photos.

Fun with the Essex boys Horndon Jack

Our hugely talented and equally nutty friends from Essex at the Horndon on the Hill Festival.

Exile on stage Exile ice cream with Sue

Exile in Derbyshire was a great little festival.

Post pastie at Worth Matravers S + L Harbour capstan

Chilling in Dorset and Northumberland.  If you’re down that way, do check out the pasties at The Square and Compass in Worth Matravers near Swanage .. Yum!

Phoenix cinema old reel Cinema screening 2

It was an honour to play at two local screenings of ‘Musicwood’, in Leicester and Nottingham.

Wet festival gear

We know how to be prepared for festival weather ….

Chelmsford with Buster and Joe

With a little help from our furry friends at a fundraiser in Chelmsford.

Steve and Hugh Gotham

A flying visit from our friend Hugh Taylor.

Post op selfie

A bit of time out to sort my knee problem.


And Steve’s been very busy making guitars.

DSC_4861 Rupert Smith

Had a lovely visit to Swanage Folk Festival and did a bit of jamming by the sea.  (Many thanks to Rupert Smith for this photo).