Great review of Steve’s solo CD ‘The Rag Trade’


I am a little tardy with updates of our recent gigs but couldn’t resist posting this review of Steve’s solo cd,  ‘The Rag Trade’, available from Acoustic Music, iTunes and Amazon.

This is a great CD. If you are at all interested in fingerstyle guitar (Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, Duck Baker) then this is right up there with the best. Flawlessly executed, beautifully played and with a real joie de vivre it really ranks with the best. Most pieces are adaptations of rag time pieces (The arrangements are excellent) with a couple of more modern pieces e.g. a Sonny Rollins tune. Standouts for me are the Temptation Rag, That’s a Plenty and the 40 ton parachute (better than Graham’s version). In any case Hicks plays assuredly at all tempos and the result it pure listening pleasure. If you don’t normally listen to solo guitar, try this anyway. It’s technically brilliant but you won’t notice as it’s also wonderfully musical and bounces along infectiously. Highly recommended.”

Review on Amazon by Lobster Pot (UK)   Feb 2013

Steve Hicks CD ‘The Rag Trade’

Label:   Acoustic Music    Released:   4th Nov 2009