Coming soon … the new Hicks and Goulbourn CD


Well, it’s been a busy time over the past couple of months, writing, arranging, recording and producing our new CD  ‘Owl Cafe’.

Seven of the tracks are self-penned and the other five, including two instrumentals and three songs, are traditional, hailing from Northumbria and the USA.

Steve and I love the process of working up new arrangements and with the focus on original songs this time, the creative juices have been flowing.  I guess a trademark of our journey as an emerging acoustic duo has been the variety in any given set, whilst retaining the essence of each genre.  This is also reflected in the new CD.  In the process of arranging we both enjoy enhancing compositions with unique riffs or unexpected shifts in the melody.  We hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labour when the album is released.

The whole album was recorded in Leicester over three intensive days, an excessive amount of time tuning the mandolin and far too many cups of tea and jam donuts.

I’ll be posting details of the release date and how to get a copy on this site.  We are also hoping to make the album available as a download on the internet.