Cambridge Folk Club Open Stage


Steve and I really enjoyed our brief visit to Cambridge Folk Club.  It’s been on our list for a while now, but the opportunity arose last Friday because I’d arranged to look after a friend’s two dogs for a week or so and we had planned to rendezvous near Cambridge.  Thus, having discovered that the date coincided with the Open Stage night, Steve made a phone call, talked with a very nice woman called Marion and we made our way to the club, dogs walked, watered and snuggly ensconced in my car in the car park of the pub.

A very full room of ‘open stagers’ greeted us, including a 14 year old lassie, Tilly who did the featured spot for the evening, and jolly good she was too – 14 years old – sickening!!!

The space is well set out and we appreciated the good listening audience who joined in very tastefully with clapping and finger clicking.  There was good variety of performers and a very helpful club team, including a sound engineer who made performing there seem effortless.  Steve and I were particularly taken with the MC, Nicky I think, whose call to partake in the raffle verged on Evangelical!  I found myself wanting to stand up and shout “Yes, Yes, …I WANT some of those raffle tickets!”  S’funny looking back because I don’t even drink wine, it was all about the pleasure of having the tickets.

Well, I’m rattling on, my longest post to date methinks.  Our two numbers, Home by Barna and Stairway to Mozart were very well received and following calls for an encore we did St. Jame’s Infirmary.  Early feedback indicates that we will be returning as guests to Cambridge Folk Club, and we’re looking forward to that too!