Steve Hicks features in new book of ragtime arrangements


Steve Hicks contributes to book of Ragtime arrangements for guitar.
‘Cakewalks and Classic Rags for Fingerstyle Guitar’ Mel Bay. Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop.

In 2020 Stefan Grossman made contact with Steve Hicks to say he was putting together a collection of Ragtime arrangements for guitar and did Steve have anything that could be included. After brief discussion Stefan requested Steve’s arrangement of Temptation Rag by Henry Lodge and Kinklets by Arthur Marshal to be included, in addition Steve offered his arrangement of Cracked Ice Rag by George L. Cobb and Carrie’s Gone to Kansas City from Blind Boone. In 2021 the book was published.

‘Cakewalks and Classic Rags for Fingerstyle Guitar’ compiled by Stefan Grossman and distributed by Mel Bay is a wonderful collection featuring arrangements by David Laibman, Lasse Johansson, Dick Fegy, Leo Wijnkamp, Remi Balsacq, Steve McWilliam, Dorian Henry and Steven Hicks (yes that’s me).

The music is presented in both guitar tablature and music notation and online audio files for the pieces are available. There is a very informative written introduction on ragtime by Stefan Grossman and Duck Baker. The book contains reproductions of articles on ragtime music and original sheet music covers from the ragtime years. Steve says that ‘one of the most satisfying aspects of the book for him, in addition to the kudos of being involved with Stefan Grossman and publishing house Mel Bay, is being in the company of guitarists that inspired him way back, such as David Laibman and Leo Wijnkamp, alongside players/arrangers of a newer generation such as Remi Balzacq’.

‘Cakewalks and Classic Rags for Fingerstyle Guitar’ Mel Bay. Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop’ Available from and other good sheet music sellers.